Ember Mug Review

Ember Mug Review

If youre looking for a great tech gift idea for this holiday season, then I got you covered. The goal is to put out at least one video a week, from now until Christmas, giving you a glimpse of some great products that will make better gifts this holiday season. In this video, were checking out the Ember mug, which is one of my favorite tech items that I use on a daily basis.

For those of you might still be unfamiliar with ember, these mugs are the first ever temperature controlled mugs. These mugs feature an award winning design and patented technology that does one thing and one thing right, keep your hot beverage at your preferred drinking temperature for a long, long time.

Now lets be clear, this video is not sponsored by any means but ember did send out a couple of mugs for me to check out. I liked it so much, I went out and bought another ceramic cup and then they JUST released a limited edition copper version of the ceramic mug and well, I immediately purchased one.

This copper edition looks sooo good and all of the accessories like the charging plate all match that copper look. As far as build quality goes for these mugs, theres no question that these products are made from premium materials and worth the high price tag. I use these mugs just about every day and have had zero issues with Bluetooth, battery life, and even general wear and tare. Everything still looks as good as day one.

I do want to point out that battery life on the travel mug is not as good as i thought it would be compared to the ceramic mug. You do get about 1-2 hours but sometimes i feel like the battery drains pretty quickly. Of course, if youre at your desk and near the charging plate, you can warm your drink for as long as you’d like.

The app is easy to use and setting up each mug is very simple. Just a few button taps and your mug is connected to your phone where you can now control the temperature of your beverage to suit your needs.

Once you fill up your cup, you’ll see the current temperature and a temp slider at the bottom of the mug where you can slide to adjust to your liking. If you swipe up from the bottom, you’ll find an area to create temperature presets, a tea timer and even drink recipes.

Clicking the settings icon in the top right brings access to custom settings like changing the color of the LED indicator on your ceramic mug, brightness level, temperature unit, etc..

Overall, these mugs have been an absolute must have in my house and at the office. I use them everyday, sometimes multiple times a day and i never have to worry about drinking my coffee or tea fast just so it wont get too cold. I know that a lot of people might be turned off my the $150 price tag for the travel mug and the $80 for the ceramic mug BUT, if you drink coffee or tea every day, at some point this mug will eventually pay for itself. If you’re unsure, try the ceramic mug at home or at your desk, its seriously one of my favorite products in recent years.