Awesome Mac Apps You Should Definitely Check Out

Awesome Mac Apps You Should Definitely Check Out

Video transcript below:

Hey guys, Dan here with CLE Tech and in this video we’re going to go over some of my favorite apps that I am currently using on my Mac.

So this video was sponsored by Setapp and before any of you get upset that this is a sponsored video, I want you to know that I have been a PAID user of Setapp since December 2017! I found out about it back then and gave it a shot and have not turned back since. So when Setapp asked if we can work together on a video, I immediately said yes because its just a no brainer for me. I have no issues sharing the products or services that I generally use.

With that said, if you are not familiar with this service, Setapp is a subscription service for Mac applications. I was always looking for the latest and greatest apps and this service actually aggregates a lot of great Mac apps that you might not know about and places them all in one location so looking for your new favorite app is a lot easier than search through the Mac App Store.

The UI for Setapp is very simplistic and is broken down into various categories like lifestyle, creativity, and one of my personal favorites, productivity. Setapp’s recommendation system can also suggest apps you might like based off of your current app usage. Some of these applications can run you anywhere from $10 to $100 a piece but with Setapp, you can download all of these apps for $9.99 a month. The apps are always up to date and you never have to pay for updates. There are currently over 120 applications available and new apps are being added to the service all the time and like I mentioned before, I was a PAID subscriber to Setapp and now I want to show you a few apps that I love and use on a daily basis.

First up is a really simple app but is EXTREMELY useful, especially if you work in graphic design or dabble in photoshop, video editing, etc. Colors are very important, and some times for a project I am looking for a very specific color and this app called Sip can give me the name and hex code for the exact color thats on my screen. So my favorite color is orange and lets say I want to use a very specific orange, I can click on the sip icon in my status bar and now whoever you hover your mouse over anything on your screen, you’ll see the information. Click on that color and everything is saved into your color palette history. This app has saved me countless times. Super useful.

Goodtask is also an extremely simple application but incredible useful. I go through a ton of task management applications in search of trying to find the right one for me and lately I have been a fan of very simple applications and with good tasks integration with Apple’s calendar and reminders app, getting stuff done has never been easier. All of your lists are organized neatly on the left side of the application with filters available for high priority items, things that need to get done today, or might be overdue. Goodtasks just seems like a native apple application and will be a super familiar app to use.

Speaking off apps that should be native to every Mac, Clean my Mac and Gemini are two of my absolute favorite apps that I rarely have to use and thats because the apps are so good at what they do, all you have to do is click start and sit back and relax. Clean my Mac offers one click cleaning of your Macs hard drive and can help search for files that you probably never use and absolutely can get rid of to get back some of that precious hard drive space. If you click on the clean my Mac icon in the status bar, you’ll see some quick diagnostics like current hard drive space, ram management, and how full your trash may be. The app itself is broken down into smart cleanup, which is your click it and forget it option, or you can really narrow in on specific cleaning types for system junk, photo junk, mail and more. In terms of utilities, my favorite is the uninstaller portion of clean my Mac which completely removes any application you might want to uninstall and delete any corresponding files or folders that said app might have left on your computer, which doesn’t always happen when you simply throw an app in the trash.

Gemini is an extremely similar app to clean my Mac in terms of design, which makes sense because these apps share the same developers but this app has its own very specific use case and that is to help find any duplicate files that you might have on your computer and will give you the ability to quickly delete them without having to dig through them yourself. Most common use case for this would be your media and so gemini makes it easy to search through your whole computer or specific photos and music folders. Once the search is done and if any duplicates are found, simply select smart cleanup and let the app do the work.

If youre not already using a clipboard manager or are looking for a new app to help keep track of all the things you copy and paste, give the app Paste a shot. Its definitely my favorite clipboard manager and with a press of the custom keyboard command, You’ll notice all the things that I have copied recently and I can easily navigate through all the content in my clipboard manager and even save them in sections for future use. For example, if you do a lot of online shopping and hate typing out your address all the time, you can just copy and paste it super easily by saving the text in Paste. Highly recommend.

Finally, this app is a new one that I discovered recently but it definitely fits the theme of simple and useful. Workspaces allows you to customize specific tasks that can be ran at anytime by clicking the icon in the status bar and selecting the appropriate workspace. For example, whenever I write a script for a video, I use Evernote and like to throw on some music. Everything else becomes a distraction. For this, I simply select the Script Writing workspace and I have it set to launch Evernote and spotify. You can set up a workspace to open up a series of files, folders, emails, websites, applications, or even run a terminal command. Just select the workspace and press start and get to work. Its definitely an app that can you make your workday a bit more efficient and streamlined.

These are just some of my favorite apps that you can find in Setapp along with a ton of other awesome Mac applications that you can use anytime you want for only $9.99 a month. Honestly, at least give the free trial a shot. I’ll leave a link in the description below where you can sign up for a free trial and give these awesome applications a chance. Thats it for this video, please be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already done so and as always I will see you in the next one.