LG G7 ThinQ - Real World First Impressions

LG G7 ThinQ - Real World First Impressions

Video transcript below:

Hey guys, Dan here from CLE Tech and in this video were going to take a look at the all new LG G7 Thin Q and get my first impressions on the device.

LG was kind enough to invite me out to New York City, where I spent a few hours with the device and was able to check out what their latest flagship has to offer.

Starting off of course with the design, the G7 has a very traditional all glass design with aluminum edges. Everything about the G7’s design is familiar. Familiar dual camera setup on the back of the device with a fingerprint sensor located directly underneath. Volume and power buttons are placed in a familiar spot on the left and right side respectively and of course there is a dedicated button for a voice assistant. Thankfully, LG did not try to jam a 1st party voice assistant down our throats and did what I imagine will be the popular choice amongst consumers and made the Google assistant the assistant of choice here. Unfortunately, you can not customize the button quite yet but LG did tell me that this feature is not completely out of the question but is not going to be something you can do out of the box.

The display on the G7 is also quite nice, even though its an LCD display, its very bright and has a great screen to body ratio. Elephant in the room, the notch is alive and well on the G7 but much like the iPhone X, the G7’s notch does not bother me what so ever. If the notch really bothers you, you can of course turn it off in the settings menu and insert a more traditional status bar with a few customization options available.

The G7 has what will most likely be traditional 2018 specs. This includes a

6.1 QHD Display

Snapdragon 845 chipset with an octa-core processor

4GB Ram with 64Gb of internal storage

3000 maH battery

And since this phone does include the headphone jack, you do get LG’s awesome Hi Fi Quad Dac for some great sound.

There is also the dual camera system, similar to the V30 dual cameras, with your standard lens and wide angle lens, but this year, LG introduced a new feature built in called AI camera. AI Camera analyzes subjects in your frame and provides recommendations on how to improve the shot and take better photos for that specific scene. AI Camera will recognize a bunch of different categories or scenes like People, flowers, pets, food, fruit, and many more. This worked relatively well during my brief moments testing this feature, as it was accurately able to distinguish the fruit in this picture and adjust to the “fruit” setting. Not sure how useful this will be in everyday use and I will have to spend more time with this feature but so far it seems like it could be a useful tool for better photos on the go.

Overall, the LG G7 is a sleek and fast phone. Much like most phones released this year. I have no doubt that the G7 will be a good phone for those who pick one up but I am not sure that there are any main features of the device that make me HAVE to buy one. Of course I will have more coverage on the G7 when my unit comes in and if there is anything that you want to see specifically on the G7, let me know in the comments down below.

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