Bottom of the 9th - From tabletop to digital

Bottom of the 9th - From tabletop to digital

A couple of years ago, the CLE Tech editorial team and I had discovered Bottom of the 9th while wandering the tabletop area. As soon as we saw the booth, we had to check out the demo, and we were immediately sold. Literally. We bought a couple copies of the game and brought it back to the hotel later that day for some continued gaming.

Fast forward a couple of years and at GDEX we stopped by the Handelabra Games booth to see that they've developed a digital version of Bottom of the 9th. As a fan of the tabletop version, and as a gamer who is finding it more and more difficult to allocate time for lengthy tabletop sessions, this was amazing news.


Bottom of the 9th is an amazing combination of one of my favorite sports, baseball, and D&D-style tabletop elements. The randomness of each at-bat provides for some extremely strategic scenarios. Each playthrough, as may be expected, is completely different, but just as entertaining. It's art-style is a generous blend of classic and playful. It evokes a nostalgia for me of looking at classic baseball cards. In the digital version, the UI does a great job of explaining each scenario and is extremely well balanced. Regardless of if it is your first time playing, or you're a seasoned veteran, you are able to play at your pace.


If you're a baseball fan and enjoy tabletop, I highly recommend you check out Bottom of the 9th; available on both iOS, Android, and Steam.

Images sourced via the Steam store listing.