KitSound Voice One Review: A Better $179 Sonos/HomePod Alternative?

KitSound Voice One Review: A Better $179 Sonos/HomePod Alternative?

Video transcript below:

Now, there’s certainly no shortage of smart speaker options out on the market, but the Voice One from KitSound is new to the US. Launching this week for around $150, it is currently one of my favorite speakers. Not only does it have Alexa built-in, but it sounds incredible.

After unboxing, I was a little surprised by the size of it. I had seen the Voice One at CES this past month, but at the booth I didn’t get a good gauge of it’s footprint. This isn’t a knock on it by any means; it still totally fits comfortably on an end table and the speaker itself has a great look to it, with a nice grey mesh coating that’s also stain resistant.

The Voice One is rocking dual drivers and has a deep bass reflex chamber that produces some legitimately HiFi quality sound. I was honestly expecting to compare this to some of my JBL speakers, but after jamming to some JT, I really think this is in the category with the Sonos, Google Home Max, and HomePod. It sounds really, really good.

The KitSound play app reminds me a lot of the Sonos app as well. The Voice One is a WiFi speaker first, and KitSounds provides a great user experience to aggregate all of your songs together. You can easily cast songs out to the speaker with the app from services like Spotify, Apple Music, TuneIn, even Tidal. The Voice One also supports multi-room, so you can choose to push your music to all speakers you have, or change it up from room to room.

Not only is multiroom supported, but the Voice One also has the ability to do multi-channel. You can choose whether the speaker is left or right, and pair two together for some serious sound.

As far as the Alexa integration is concerned, it’s pretty straightforward. Login with your credentials, and all of your skills are immediately available to use. When you’re using Alexa, the ring on the front will turn a darker blue color to indicate the interaction. Aesthetically, I’m loving the vertical ring, which is also a volume knob.

If you’re looking to upgrade from an Echo Dot, or have been holding out for the right smart speaker that delivers quality sound without a super hefty price tag, the KitSound Voice One should absolutely be on your list. At the top. Seriously.

That wraps up our first impressions on the Voice One. If you’re interested in seeing a more in depth, full review, be sure to drop a comment below. And don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on more videos from my channel! Thanks for watching guys, I’ll see you in the next one!