Top Android Apps - February 2017 (LG G6 Edition)

Top Android Apps - February 2017 (LG G6 Edition)

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Hey guys, Dan here from CLE Tech and with February coming to an end let's take a look at some of the best apps for February 2017.

Rocker Locker

Our first app is called Rocker Locker and it is honestly one of the most efficient and most useful apps, for me at least, that I have used in a long time. The premise is simple, Rocker Locker makes your volume controls, or volume rocker, only control the volume for media. Now I am someone who has their phone on vibrate about 99% of the time and so whenever I use my volume rocker, it's to control the media volume. Android defaults to your ringtone volume and it's kind of a pain to quickly change the media volume before playing any media. To enable, simply open the app and press enable. To disable, you do the same thing. It's super useful.


Next up is an app called Palette and what this does is also super simple and extremely awesome. Now this app is definitely benificial for those who are graphic designers, creators, artists, etc. I would hardly call myself any of those and I still find this app super useful. Pallete can take pretty much any photo that you have in your photo library or any photo you that might take on the spot and can get you the hex codes for all the prominent colors in your photo. For example, my current wallpaper has some pretty interesting colors and if I wanted to reuse those shades in a creative project or even when customizing my widgets on my phone, I can input the hex code given to me.


The next app is a simple weather app called Forecast. It has a beautiful material design look with a lot of relevant weather information broken up into 3 tabs. Today, Tomorrow, and Upcming. Obviously the Today app gives you a breakdown of the weather at the current moment and throughout the day. Tomorrow obviously shows you the weather for the next day and upcoming will give you more of a week outlook. There are also a lot of useful graphs, if that's something that you're into, which will display useful information about precipitation levels, temperature, humidity, etc. You can also customize alerts for certain weather conditions and when they are about to happen and also get a look at the current radar. There is a paid version of the app which will give you access to other useful features like severe storm warnings. I definitely recommend checking this weather app out.


Next up is an app called Jot and what this guy does is simply help you jot down quick notes and save them in a widget for later use. Now there are plenty of other note taking apps out there with a beautiful design and a ton of robust features but this app is targeted towards those who need to jot down a quick reminder or note that they can access once and then maybe discard after a few hours. For example, if I am on my way out the door to grab a few things at the grocery store, I can quickly jot those guys down and they appear in the widget on my homescreen. Super useful.


Now if you have some tasks that you need to get done and want to organize them then Swipes is the app for you. Swipes, as the name implies, uses swiping gestures to navigate through different phases of completion for tasks. If you swipe right you can snooze your tasks and complete them at a later date or if you have finished your task, you can swipe left to mark them as complete. Pretty simple. The UI is excellent and there are plenty of options to help organize and manage your tasks.

Email by SimplyDo

Next up is an email app from the folks over at EasilyDo. Now this email app is simply called Email and it does it very well. Some of my favorite features is the ability to one click unsubscribe right from within an email! No more scrolling through the bottom of the email to find where you need to go to unsubscribe. The app just takes care of it for you. Have a ton of subscriptions like me and just want to get rid of them all, then the assistant can take care of batch subscriptions. It can also give you real time alerts in travel and with your packages. All of this is organized under the assistant tab with various categories.

I am also a fan of all my attachments being aggregated into one spot. All in all this is a fantastic email app with a great design and a lot of custom features. If you want to see a more in-depth look on this app, please let me know in the comments below.


If you're looking for an alternative Twitter app, then you might want to check out Raid. Raid is a beautifuly designed and very simple Twitter app which seems to be the theme of this whole episode really. You have four tabs up top that you can swipe through. Those tabs are your timeline, mentions, direct messages, and what's currently trending. Also, if you swipe from right to left you have access to more settings where you can further customize your Twitter experience.

You can fine tune the theme, background, and color as well as the cards that the tweets live on. You can also change the order of the tabs and adjust your notifications. There's a ton of customization options available and definitely worth checking out.

Black Hole

Speaking of customizing, Black Hole is a lock screen replacement app that gives you a clean and modern lock screen look. At the bottom of the lock screen you have your time and date and at the top is where you will find a quick toggle for your flashlight and recent calendar events. Also, if any notifications are present, they would live up at the top of your lock screen. It's nothing crazy but it's definitely better than some phones standard lock screens, in my opinion.

The app itself is where all of your settings live and there are a few different custom options available. You can also add some security to this lockscreen in the form of a pin. You can also still use your fingerprint reader too. I must admit, the LG G6 is not a great phone for this app if you're using the fingerprint sensor because to get into your lock screen, I usually tap the power button but since the fingerprint reader is also the power button, I usually bypass the lockscreen entirely. If you do decide to check this out, be sure to completely turn off your phones native lock screen otherwise it will act a bit strange.

Noon Pacific

Finally, the last app on the list is called Noon Pacific. This app is super interesting to me and honestly, an incredible idea. What it does, is every Monday at Noon Pacific Time, you get a new playlist of some of the best songs handpicked from music blogs. Clicking on one of the songs will immediately play the track and then bring up the SoundCloud link to the band/song, and the ability to quickly share the song to your Facebook, Twitter, or even send it in a text message. You can also check out past weekly playlists by tapping the menu icon in the upper left hand corner. That's it. The perfect app for music lovers who are looking for some new, trending artists.

That's it for this months top Android apps for February 2017, please dont forget to subscribe and hit that like button if you liked this video, thanks for watching guys and I will see you in the next one.