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This is the LG G6. LG just announced this guy over in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2017 and they were also kind enough to send a preview unit over to me, since I was not able to attend MWC this year. So let's get a first look and some first impressions of the LG G6.

I am going to go on the record right now and say that the LG G6 is already light years better than the G5 and I have only had the device in hand for less than 24 hours. I really wanted to like the G5 last year but it was pretty much a lost cause. LG obviously realized this because they pretty much ditched that design and went with something totally different.

Again, I want to state that this device is NOT a finished unit by any means and my full review will definitely come when our production unit comes in house. So as we can see, LG ditched the all aluminum body to go with a mix of glass and aluminum which is already a great choice. Even though one downside to a glass back means lots and lots of fingerprints, the curved glass fits comfortably in the hand and the aluminum around the edges actually feels like real metal and not like last year's model that felt sort of cheap and plasticy.

The fingerprint sensor/power button combo remains on the back along with the dual camera setup that LG loves to include. Of course you have your normal 13MP shooter and then a wide angle lens right beside it, giving you that extra space to capture everything you need in your photo.

Of course, when you flip the G6 around, you will notice one of the bigger changes over last years G5 and that's the display. There's a whole lot of display crammed into this large but very comfortable form factor. This is due to LG’s interesting choice to go with an 18:9 aspect ratio and then curving the edges of the screen. I can't really describe why these subtle curves make the screen more enjoyable to look at but it's actually really cool when you first see it.

The best part about this design choice is that it eliminates almost all of the screens side bezel and greatly reduces the forehead and chin of the device. Which we can all agree is better looking than those phones with larger chin bezels.

The display itself is a 5.7 inch QHD IPS display and it actually looks quite nice. Very similar to that of the V20. Also like the V20, you do get Nougat out of the box, which is nothing new but what is new is it's running the latest version of LG’s Optimus UX version 6.0.

It’s pretty similar to what the V20 has to offer but I did find a few things that seemed different sprinkled in. One thing that I noticed was when you swipe down on the home screen, you are greeted with a little information center that gives you your recent apps, top contacts, latest emails from Gmail and some song options from Google Play. I have yet to find where we can customize these options but it kind of reminds me of the widget screen area that's implemented in the latest versions of iOS.

You do have the ability to customize your home screen a bit and of course you can switch back to the old style launcher that has an app drawer instead of the one without. We will get into more of the software and it's performance in the full review but of course, the phone is incredibly snappy and responsive with no signs of slowing down...for now.

Finally, the camera app is pretty interesting. I like how they implemented the ability to see your photos instantly on the left side with a preview of and quick access to them. LG takes this one step further with a seperate app called square photo and it basically gives you the full preview of the square photo taken and the ability to take another photo while previewing.

There are also a bunch of other modes on the camera including one specifically for taking a picture of your food.

First impressions of the photos are good. The camera takes quality photos and has an abundance of features including my favorite, Pro Mode. Also, the wide angle camera is super useful and I am glad they continue to implement it.

So what are your thoughts on the new LG G6? I can tell you right now, I already like it way more than the G5. Also, let me know what you want to see in my full review and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss that video in the future.

Thanks for watching and I will see you guys in the next one.