Zmodo Torch Pro Video Doorbell (Installation and Review)

Zmodo Torch Pro Video Doorbell (Installation and Review)

UPDATE: Giveaway closed 2/7/17

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Zmodo Torch Pro -

We had the opportunity to check out Zmodo’s booth at CES this year and wow, was that booth smart home lovers dream. Zmodo is launching over 20 new smart home products this year and we are going to take a look at their newest offering in the new Torch Pro Video Doorbell. Also, Zmodo was not only kind enough to supply us with this review unit but they also want to give a Torch Pro away to one of you guys! So please stick around until the end of the video for more details on how you can win a Zmodo Torch Pro.

Now, we’ve reviewed video doorbells before on the channel, but what makes the Torch Pro unique is the two piece system.

In the package you will find an LED Smart Light which also houses a camera, and a smart doorbell, featuring a motion sensor, IR sensor, microphone, and speaker. Aside from these two pieces, you’ll find a few small accessories, such as; a handheld screwdriver to assist with installation, a small level, a drill bit, some wall anchors and screws, and your manual and Quick Start guide.

With other smart doorbell systems, like the Ring or SkyBell, the cameras are built-in to the doorbell itself, which can lead to some issues. A lot of times your doorbell is offset a little from the door so the camera angle doesn’t pick up exactly what you’d like. Since the Torch Pro has the camera in the light bulb, you can rotate it and angle it to target the exact location you prefer. And of course, the Zmodo app for iOS or Android gives you control over viewing a live video feed, setting up motions alerts, turning the light on or off, changing the color of the light, or answering someone at your door, even when you’re not at home.

To install the Torch Pro, we first have to remove the existing doorbell, since it uses your existing wiring. On the back of the doorbell, Zmodo provides a stencil for you to use to create guide holes for the mounting screws. Slide this over the wires and then use the provided marking tool to scratch the siding where the screws should go. Once you’re ready to install the doorbell, make sure to push out the sliding lock, then slide the back down to detach it from the rest of the doorbell. Now you can attach the existing wires to the backing plate, and then attach the backing plate to your siding. After that, go ahead and slide the doorbell back on and slide the locking mechanism back in place. And that’s it, the Zmodo Torch Pro doorbell is installed.

To install the Torch Pro light bulb, just go ahead and screw it into your light fixture and you’re good to go. The light on the doorbell, and the light bulb, should both be flashing green, indicating that they are now ready to pair.

It is important to note that Zmodo also provides a Power Accessory for the Torch Pro that helps to regulate the amount of power sent from the doorbell. If you live in an older home with a lower voltage doorbell system, you may experience a faint buzzing from the chime. Installing this Power Accessory should alleviate any issues you have.

Now, go ahead and open up the Zmodo app and sign in, or Create An Account if you don’t already have one. Once you’re in, select the + (Plus) icon in the top right to add your Torch Pro. I’ll be honest here, I got a little tripped up on this process, but it was mostly human error. Best piece of advice I can give, use the provided Quick Start guide. Your setup will be flawless if you follow this.

If you do, you’ll end up selecting the “Zink” option, connecting to the Zmodo device wireless network to discover your Torch Pro, then walking through naming your devices. That’s about it. The overall setup takes very little time, and you’ll be using your Torch Pro in a matter of minutes.

Once you’re in the app, you can adjust the brightness of the light bulb, the color, various alert settings, view a live feed from the camera inside of the light bulb, and look at event logs. The whole process, from installation to set-up to first use, is pretty straightforward.

Now, since the doorbell has a motion sensor, as soon as someone approaches your front door, you’ll get a “call” on your phone and you can answer to see the video feed and talk to your visitor. Unfortunately, the motion sensor on the doorbell is so good that if your door only happens to be 30-40 feet from the street, you’ll also get a notification every time a car passes your house, someone is walking their dog, or a bird lands in the tree in your front yard. I was hoping to find a motion sensitivity setting within the app, but I have yet to do so.

Overall, the Zmodo Torch Pro is one of the best smart doorbells I have used. Zmodo gives you all of the tools you need, and the instructions do a great job of spelling out every little detail. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not that much of a handyman, and I was extremely confident going into this install.

The Torch Pro is available now for $199 on Amazon and I will leave a link in the description below if you’ re interested in picking one up for yourself. Also, as I mentioned before, Zmodo is partnering up with us to give one of these bad boys away. All you need to do is follow the link in the description below for ways to enter!

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