First Look: Super Mario Run

First Look: Super Mario Run

Nintendo has launched it's first mobile Mario game, in partnership with Apple. You will run, jump, smash blocks, gather coins, and dodge enemies, just as you're used to. What makes Super Mario Run unique is that Mario will run for you. All you need to worry about is jumping, and timing up your jumps. There are a variety of game modes, and it looks to have a high replay-ability.

It is available now in the App Store for free, but does require a $9.99 in app purchase to unlock the full game after the first 3 levels.

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Video transcript included below...

Hey guys, Dan here from CLE Tech and today we're going to check out the new Super Mario Run game for iOS. Also, be sure to stick around the end of this video as there may or may not be a giveaway happening.

Super Mario Run marks the first Mario game ever brought to the mobile gaming world and right now it's an iOS exclusive and was just released today. The game is free in the App Store but an app purchase of $9.99 will be required in order to unlock the full game.

Jumping right into the app, the game wastes no time getting into the usual story line. The Princess gets kidnapped and Mario has to save her...again. This time, he's going to do it by running, collecting coins, jumping, and flipping over stuff.

With that said, the game is actually more fun than it sounds. Now Mario does a lot of this stuff automatically for you. For small objects and enemies, he jumps automatically. All you need to worry about is collecting coins and jumping over cliffs. The game does have a timer but during my first two games, I seem to finish the course before the timer is up with no real problems.

It seems as if the first three levels of World 1 is available for free and then in order to unlock the rest, a one time purchase of $9.99 as mentioned earlier is required. If you jump back into the main menu, or your kingdom, you can see more options for things like linking your Nintendo account, connecting with friends, building more stuff in your kingdom, which eventually leads you into mini games. FYI, choose wisely in your mini game. As you can see here, I didn't get the best part of this deal and ended up with essentially nothing as far as free coin collecting goes.

Finally, you also have a mini game called Toad Rally, which essentially is racing through a course against Toad and trying to grab as many coins as possible. Who ever has the most coins at the end wins. These help build up all the little things you need to unlock more features in the game.

Now I am sure I have missed a few things the game has offered considering that this is the first time ever playing but to me, my first impressions of Super Mario Run is pretty simple. The game is simple, it's fun, and can definitely be addicting to some.

I think what will keep the game alive longer will be the playing against friends aspect or introducing new worlds or themes throughout the year. I am sure Nintendo has all sorts of stuff planned for what will most likely be one of the most popular iOS games of the year.

I had a lot of fun during my small time with the game and I can't wait to get through the rest of the worlds that were unlocked.

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I am also going to give away 2 iTunes gift cards to two lucky winners so you can purchase the full Super Mario Run game or purchase whatever you want in the App Store. All the information can be found in the link in the description.

Thanks for watching guys and I will see you in the next one.