The Apple Watch is a fantastic smart watch device, though a majority of it's primary features are reliant on the iPhone as a driver. With the Apple Watch Series 2, the watch itself gained built-in GPS and some other advancements to make it more independent from the iPhone. One feature that is wildly underrated (in my opinion), is the ability to sync music directly onto the device using it's built-in storage. This combined with the new built-in GPS makes the Apple Watch a serious contender for runners and athletes alike.

The watch itself is basically a low capacity iPod Nano, but Apple mentions this nowhere in their marketing. Currently, I have a small waist strap I wear while running or cycling that houses my phone. This is quite cumbersome while running, as it's an added weight and can become uncomfortable on long runs. Now, I can leave my iPhone at home and still have my "get psyched" playlist with me to keep me motivated.

If you'd like to cut the cord between your Apple Watch and iPhone, check out the video above for steps on how to sync your best running playlist directly onto your Apple Watch!