The Best Cases for Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from VRS Design

The Best Cases for Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from VRS Design

Today we're going to take a look at some of the best case options for your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from VRS Designs. So let's get into it.

There is no doubt that the Note 7 is a beautiful phone that you don't want to cover up, but unfortunately accidents DO happen and you could just as easily be out $900 from one single drop. VRS Designs has a ton of cases available to prevent this from happening. So let's just jump right into it because there are a lot of options.

First up, we have a couple of cases that might just be my personal favorites and those are the High Pro Shield and the SimpliFit. These cases both have that really cool brushed texture to the back and feel really good in the hands but my favorite thing about these cases is how little bulk they add and how simple it is to remove each case. Now, I have to admit, just about every case here from VRS Designs is super easy to remove but these two have to be the easiest.

VRS Design SimpliFit Case

The SimpliFit is mostly made up of a rubbery plastic, and it's pretty flimsy while the High Pro Shield has a combination of the same materials with hard plastic surrounding the frame. Of course you also get a kickstand which is held very nicely together by magents. When you want to watch some YouTube videos, simply flick out the kickstand and rest this guy on the table. It holds up pretty well, although I have noticed a very slight wobble.

Each case will obviously have all the neccessary cutouts and buttons for the phone and most of them provide all around protection except for the SimpliFit light. This case is just a simple hard cover with most of the ports left open. Even the buttons are not covered, giving you a more satisfying click.

If you want a bit more protection for this device but like the idea of the hard plastic back cover, then the Duo Guard Series might just be what you want. The rubber piece does come apart from the harder cover but I found that not to be neccesary when inserting the phone into the case. There are a bunch of colors to choose from but personally, I really like this Blue Coral color. Of course, you also get that handy kickstand.

VRS Design Duo Guard Case Kickstand

If you really want protection but just love the way your phone looks and don't want to cover it all the way up, then you might want to check out some of the clear cases. These are the Crystal MIXX and the Crystal Bumper series and really the only difference for these two is that the Crystal Bumper series has a hard plastic bumper around the frame and the Crystal MIXX is just the same softer plastic throughout. Both come with Kickstands and both show off your phone's glorious style.

Finally, these next few cases to me, are for when you're going out and would like to leave your wallet at home. I hate carrying my wallet and woud love to just carry my license and a credit card or two. The first case, the Damda Glide, is probably one of the bulkiest cases you will ever see me use but that's because the back case actually slides, or glides rather, out into a card holder. It fits up to two cards, so essentially your license and a credit card, and shuts effortlessly. I have also had zero worries about the Damda Glide case opening on it's own and the cards falling out. Those guys are safe and sound. As I mentioned before, it is a bit bulky but it's still able to give you a secure feeling in the hand.

The last two cases are for your more upscale events and also call for the wallet to stay at home. These two are the Layered Dandy and Native Diary cases. These are both folio cases, which are not always my favorite and can be actually hard to use the phone sometimes, but if you're going out to a nice dinner or a wedding where you probably should not be on your phone a lot, these cases will look super nice and can carry some cash and a few cards with little additional bulk.

VRS Design Native Diary Case

The Layered Dandy and Native Diary are held closed by a magnetic flap but the Native Diary has a bit more security with a little button that clicks in with the magnet. Both phones do go in and out of the case very easily, so if you don't think you will use this case every day, at least you won't spend a lot of time trying to remove it. If you decide that this case will be your everyday case, not only will your phone be carried around in some serious leathery style, but you can practically stop carrying your wallet too.

There are a ton of case manufactures out there but to me, nothing quite competes with the affordability, quality, and style that VRS Designs offers and I will leave a link to each case below if you're interested in checking them out.

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