Gruv Gear Club Bag (What's In My Bag #1)

Gruv Gear Club Bag (What's In My Bag #1)

Today we're going to take a look at a pretty unqiue backpack and that is the Gruv Gear Club Bag.

Before we take a look at the bag itself, I wanted to take a quick minute to introduce a new series and it's going to be a "What's In My Bag" type series. The truth is, I have a weird obssesion with backpacks and messenger bags. I have way too many of them but I try to use them all. So I figured why not show you some of the best options out there for different scenarios. Some bags will have different themes with what and how much stuff I will be taking with me on certain trips.

With that said, the Gruv Gear Backpack will probably be one of the more interesting bags that we will see in this series. Taking a look at the front compartment, you will notice that this guy has quick access to some of your main items. They call this the glovebox and you can shove pretty much anything in here. Underneath the glovebox you have a small zippered pocket which can fit some thinner items like a phone or notebook.

You can also fit a few smartphones or even battery packs in the side zippered pockets, as well. The main compartment will fit your laptop and you can put a 15” laptop with this Gruv Gear laptop sleeve. This compartment works well at the airport and TSA security with it’s ScanFly system. All you have to do is unzip the compartment and let the bag go through the X-Ray machine with no problems at all.

Finally, the last compartments are a bit hidden but it is the best part about this bag. The sides of the bag have two pass-through compartments and not only can you shove quite a bit of tech inside but can neatly organize them with these zippered pouches. You can fit two long pouches and two shorter ones and I use them for things like cables and chargers to smartphones and cases.

So I pretty much packed this bag as if I was going away for a few days and took most of the main essentials and then shoved some more just to see what this bag could comfortably hold. In the main laptop compartment, I was able to fit my 15” Macbook Pro, 12.9” iPad Pro and an iPad Mini.

In the glove compartment portion, I chose to keep it simple and bring my audio gear. For that, I took the new JBL Charge 3 and the new Monster Elements Wireless Headphones. Expect a video soon for both of these products. Also, I don't usually put much in the small pouch in the front but you can store things like thing battery packs or small notebooks in here.

Finally, the smaller travel pouches were used to hold all of my charging cables, wall adapters and battery banks, wallet, keys, Apple Pencil, and some smartphones, like my OnePlus 3 with an awesome Pokemon themed Slickwraps skin.

Now this might not look like a lot of stuff but trust me, this bag can hold a lot more. You also have to keep in mind the comfort of bringing these things as well as the durability of the bag. The bag is super durable and comfortable and lugging around a lot of weight is not a problem but it's always nice to avoid bringing too much stuff if possible.

So that's it for now guys. Again, we have a few more backpacks and messenger bags that we will absolutely be revewing very soon. If there is a bag or backpack out there that you guys want me to include in this series, please let me know in the comments below.

If you think you might want to pick up one of these backpacks, check out the link below: