OLALA Power Case - iPhone 6 Battery Case Review

OLALA Power Case - iPhone 6 Battery Case Review

I've been traveling more recently, and I am finally beginning to realize the importance of the battery specifications in my smartphones. There is nothing worse than being 20 minutes away from your hotel and your phone dies as you're trying to request an Uber. Or even worse, you find a wild Dragonite just as your phone powers off and all you can do is watch everyone else around you flick their PokeBalls toward the prize. Power banks and battery packs are getting smaller, but they're still not as convenient as we'd like. Unless I'm at a conference where I'm wearing my backpack, there is little chance I'm comfortably carrying around my smartphone and the additional battery. Maybe if I brought my Levi's cargo pants out of retirement; after all, they held my original GameBoy pretty well. Sadly, I won't fit in those these days. That's where the OLALA iPhone Power Case comes in.

The OLALA iPhone Power Case is rocking a 3200mAh battery inside, which is a little less than double what the iPhone 6s is equipped with. According to OLALA, you should receive 130% more power out of this case, which should be plenty to continue catching Pidgey's, Ratatta's, and Weedle's all day long. A full charge will take you 3-4 hours, though, so be sure to plug this thing in well before venturing out of the house.

Similar to every other battery case I've used, there is a single button on the back with four indicator LED's. Tap the button and the indicator lights will show you roughly how much charge you have left. Hold the button for 3+ seconds and the case will begin charging your iPhone. That's really all there is to it.

The case itself feels pretty nice in the hand. It's surprisingly light for a battery case. Much lighter than the Mophie's or Apple Smart Battery Case, which is surprising given it's battery size. It does feel a little plasticky, but that's fine, because that's what it's made of. I have the white model, and it does collect dirt pretty quickly, but the gloss finish makes it easy to wipe off. OLALA includes a headphone adapter in the box, allowing you to continue using your existing headphones without issue.

I will say, at times, it doesn't seem like there's a 3200mAh battery in this case, because it dies a little sooner than I'd expect. It doesn't bother me too much, though, because for as light as this case is, I'll take the extra handful of hours it gives me. Oh, and it retails for less than $49! Can't really beat that.

My only complaint with it, and really all battery cases, is that they use Micro USB to charge. I get why, but especially for iPhone cases, I would much prefer paying a little more for Lightning cable connectivity. This case does do charging passthrough, so if you plug it in at night to charge, it will charge your iPhone first, then the case. Which is why I would rather not introduce another charging cable to my nightstand. Let me use my existing docks and cables.

Overall, I give this battery case a lot of props. It's fairly well constructed, looks pretty slick, and keeps my phone alive as I'm running around town. If you think you'd like to pick one of these up, hit up the links below:

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