Taotronics TT-SK09 Portable Wireless Speaker Review

Taotronics TT-SK09 Portable Wireless Speaker Review

I'm an audio guy. I love music, and I prefer my vinyl collection over my digital. I even pay attention to the score of movies more so than the cinematic's most times. A good speaker can truly change the way you listen. While headphones are usually preferred by audiophiles due to their attention to detail, I prefer to share my audio experiences with others. Which is why I love small speakers like the Taotronics TT-SK09 Portable Wireless Speaker.

This speaker is roughly 6.5"x2.5"x1.5" but sounds much larger. It's small enough to easily fit into any of my bags, and it's quite durable. It has a nice rubberized finish and a metal grill. Though I didn't actually test this speaker in the rain or by the pool, I'm confident that the IPX4 waterproof rating is accurate. I was quite impressed by the battery life of the TT-SK09, as well. On a typical day, I spend 2-3 hours in the evening working in my office. I've been able to, on multiple occasions, use this speaker for the entirety of those 3 hours for a full week without requiring a charge.

The TT-SK09 is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, meaning it's range is pretty good. It stays connected without cut outs throughout the entirety of my home; of which, I'm probably 60 feet away at most. More importantly, when I'm 60 feet away, I can still hear the speaker pretty well.

On my desk, my iPad Pro is my extension screen, and my media device. The iPad Pro has a really good stereo speaker system that continues to impress me. The Taotronics TT-SK09 is even louder and more powerful, which I was very surprised and impressed by. The Mid's can get a little muddied at full volume, but the clarity holds up, all things considered.

While it is difficult to portray true audio benchmarks through video, please take a look at the demonstration below to gauge what the Taotronics TT-SK09 Portable Wireless Speaker is capable of.

The Taotronics TT-SK09 routinely goes on sale for under $30. If you're looking for a very solid bluetooth speaker to take with you anywhere, I would absolutely recommend it. Hit up the link below if you'd like to pick one up.

Amazon - TaoTronics Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Pocket Boombox