VRS Design Dandy Layered iPad Pro Case: Impressions

VRS Design Dandy Layered iPad Pro Case: Impressions

My iPad Pro (12.9") has quickly become my most used tablet of all time. I have had iPad's in the past, though they have always fallen the way of consumption only devices. Whether it be a product of my current environment or the design & power of the iPad Pro, it gets used constantly throughout my day. I use it so much that it normally requires a charge every other day. Which means I'm actively using it roughly 5 hours per day. I'm constantly taking notes on it (with the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil), and carrying it with me from meeting to meeting. For as much as I use this thing, and how often I'm traveling with it, a case is my most essential accessory.

The Dandy Layered case from VRS Design has a fantastic leather look immediately out of the packaging. I've been using the Saddle Brown Apple Leather iPhone Case for several months, and the Dandy Layered case compliments it well. Putting this case on my iPad Pro immediately classed it up. The case features a wrap-around design, protecting both the front and the back of the device. To hold the case closed, there is a magnetic clasp binding the two halves together. This design reminds me of a moleskin notebook I used to carry around in college, and it feels great in the hands. It doesn't add too much weight, and it's fairly durable. The ends are open, allowing for full use of the stereo speaker design on the iPad Pro, and leaves plenty of room to access the device ports.

VRS Design Dandy Layered iPad Pro Case

After unboxing, the first question I asked myself was, can it be used with the Smart Keyboard? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The Dandy Layered case wraps around the edge of the device, covering up the Smart Connector. This may be an issue in the future as more accessories utilize the Smart Connector, but for now, it means you have to type the "old fashioned" way; with your fingertips. I use the iPad Pro as an extension of my PC, and use it for chat, e-mail, and surfing; so I do a lot of typing on it. It was definitely a bummer having to shelve my Smart Keyboard, but the two angles the case holds the device at made the typing experience pretty nice. With that said, I do have to call out the positioning system.

There are two kickstand positions available to display the iPad Pro horizontally. You can view the device at roughly 45 degrees and 30 degrees. The holding mechanism is a small ridge of leather. In my time using the Dandy Layered iPad Pro Case, I found that any amount of force was usually enough to knock the device out of the ridge and it would fall flat. If you're watching videos, and not interacting with it, the case will hold just fine. I did find that the 30 degrees position did hold better, and it was more comfortable to type at. It's something that will initially be frustrating (especially coming from the sturdy Smart Keyboard kickstand), but you'll get used to it. All in all, that is my only complaint with the cover.

VRS Design Dandy Layered iPad Pro Case - Side View

The Dandy Layered Case from VRS Design is a beautiful cover for the iPad Pro. It has a great feel and has all of the basics you'd expect from a mid-range iPad Pro case. The lack of ability to use the Smart keyboard is a major downside for me, but if you are using the iPad Pro for consumption, this is a great case for travel protection and grip in the hands. Ranging from $55-$89, it may be priced a little high for the functionality it provides, but the great leather look makes up for that immediately.

If you think you might want to pick up the Dandy Layered iPad Pro Case from VRS Design, check it out here: http://amzn.to/21pwfXc