Top Tech Under $75 (April 2016)

Top Tech Under $75 (April 2016)

Finding some good tech on a budget can be hard but we have a few great products that are definitely worth your time and money. All of these items featured in this article can be purchased for under $75.

First up is the 12” Macbook and now I know that this computer is definitely not under $75 but this awesome bamboo skin from SlickWraps is. The skin is from Slickwraps natural series and honestly made me love the look of my Macbook again. If you want to check out some of the other types of skins in the natural series, head over to SlickWraps and pick one up for your computer! You won't be disappointed.

Sticking with the MacBook for a second, we have a few products that utilize that USB C port. These cables are from a company called Accell and since the new MacBook only has one port, you will won't be able to connect an external display without one of these USB-C to HDMI and/or USB- c to display port. Pretty basic idea here with the HDMI or display port on one side and the USB C plug connector making up the other side

Transitioning over to audio we have a couple pairs of headphones. First up is a pair of House of Marley Rebel BT's which is, of course, their on-ear Bluetooth headphones. Now, for those who aren't familiar with the House of Marley brand, I recommend checking them out because they have a ton of cool products like these headphones right here. Not only do these headphones sound great but they have a pretty durable and awesome build quality to them. For under $75, you're getting some pretty solid headphones.

If on-ear headphones aren't your thing but want some awesome looking earbuds, then a company by the name of symphonized has got your covered. They specialize in wooden headphones or earbuds like the NRG in-ear headphones you see here. There is a built-in microphone and playback controls on this super long cable. Good news is, it's tangle free. The symphonized NRG in-ear headphones will only run you $25 and so if you're in the market for some great looking earbuds but for real cheap, these might be your best choice.

These next few devices can pick up for your iPhone and the first one is a case for the iPhone 6/6s Plus from a company called Carved. Now what makes Carved so unique is that these cases are made from real wood and each case has a unique, one of a kind design. Not only does it look great, but the rubber frame provides the edges of the phone with some much-needed shock absorption. The company is local to the US and includes a few stickers and a card that has information about one of their employees. They have a ton of different cases to choose from on their website and I will leave their link in the description below just in case you wish to check them out.

Sticking with the iPhone, we have an iOS card reader from Photofast. This little guy solves the ongoing struggle that is living with an iPhone that is running out of storage. More importantly, the iPhone owners who only have 16gb of internal storage. So if you want to transfer over all of your photos, videos, music, etc off your device and onto an SD card, this is the way to go. The app UI is quick and clean and transfers files pretty quickly from one device to the other. This also works the other way around and can transfer files from your SD card to your phone. There are a plethora of options to choose from and this guy is honestly one of the best ways you can survive the struggle that is storage on a 16gb iPhone. Highly recommend picking one of these guys up.

Next up is something that CAN work on your iPhone, but might best suited for say an iPad or any tablet with Bluetooth connectivity. This portable Bluetooth keyboard from 1byOne is very light weight and built from some very hard plastic materials. The size is perfect for ultimate portability and the keys don’t feel too cramped when typing. As you can see here, all you need to do is activate the keyboard's Bluetooth pairing mode and then connect it with your current device. So I am using it right now on my iPhone 6s plus but I have also been using it with my iPad and it has been great! Perfect for productivity on the go.

The last piece of cool tech for under 75 dollars comes from a company called Snap Power and they have something that is super useful to just about anyone reading this article and that is a USB outlet cover. So what this guy does is replace your current outlet cover, with one that has a USB charging port. Genius right? The best part is, it requires no wiring of any kind and is SUPER easy to install, Just unscrew your current plate and screw the new one in. This obviously allows you to charge any device that uses a USB cable and will free up your two wall outlets for additional use. It's something that should be a staple in all new construction from here on out and something you should look into getting for your outlet covers.

If you guys want to check out more details about any of the products featured in this article, make sure to check out the links at the bottom.

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