First Look: BLU Energy X LTE

First Look: BLU Energy X LTE

So back in September of last year, BLU released the Energy X but one of the main caveats of that phone is that it lacked LTE. Well, BLU revamped the Energy X with a new LTE Version but the differences don’t stop there. Although most of the internals are the same, the design of the Energy X LTE is different compared to its predecessor.

The new Energy X LTE feels a bit more square in the hands with sharper edges but it also has a much more premium feel due to its Metallic unibody design. Another major difference from last years Energy X is the inclusion of capacitive buttons as opposed to on screen buttons.

For those who were wondering about the specs of the Energy X LTE, the device still has a 5" 1280x720 IPS Display, a 1.3ghz quad core processor with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage with memory expansion capable via micro sd. For those who travel a lot, you will be happy to know that this guy has 2 sim slots and one of the better features out there, a 4000mah battery.

Also, if you are wondering whether or not you get all of the normal goodies inside the box? You do. Those include your USB cord and wall adapter, headphones, screen protector and a hard plastic case instead of the usual silicone case.

The software is pretty standard BLU these days. I remember raising questions about what type of software BLU wants to run on their phones because it seemed that everyone that came here for testing was different. The last few phones from BLU have all had the same skin of Android on top, has a quick toggles menu slide up that slides up from the bottom and some smart gestures that are baked into the settings menu. Nice to finally see some consistency within the software.

I do want to point out that although the Display is only 720p and unless it's a SUPER AMOLED display, the resolution is usually pretty bad but on the Energy X LTE, it's not too terrible. It's actually a pretty good 720p display. Still wish it was full HD but they have to save money somewhere.

Performance out of the box is good and hardly stuttering but that's usually the case for new phones. The camera on the front has a 5 MP sensor and an 8MP sensor for the rear facing camera. Pretty standard across BLU devices. It's mediocre and good when you need to take a picture quickly.

You can pick up the BLU Energy X right now on Amazon for only off contract.